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thanks very much apollo for nominating me! (you should check out her site, it’s great. she’s such a wonderful writer and photographer and she’s so sweet.)

– thank the person who nominated you
– answer all the questions
– pingback to the creator: ellyn@allonsythornaxx
– nominate 5+ bloggers to do this challenge


1) why did you start blogging and why have you kept blogging?
i don’t really remember why i started, i was a bit young. i’m pretty sure my first blog was about harry potter or something like that. i started this site because i read too much of ryan ross’s poetry on livejournal and i kept doing it because i still read too much of ryan ross’s poetry on livejournal. (it’s great though, honestly. even though i can never write like him.)

2) what is your favorite type of blog post to write?
this site is such a mess that i don’t think i really have types of posts that i can think of? but maybe the short prose-type posts. those are really fun to write.

3) what are your top three favorite blog posts?
my girl
toxic cocktail
bonus: (senti)mentality

4) what are some of your favorite things to do to relax?
um this might sound a bit strange (or it might not, i don’t know) but i really like crossword puzzles and word games and stuff like that when i’m feeling anxious. i bought a little book of word puzzle type things on amazon and i do them before i go to sleep sometimes. it takes me a while because i am not great at it, but i really do like it.

5) what are your three favorite things?
– my cat (luna!). she’s not really a thing, but i thought i’d count her anyway.
– i have this journal that i really love. it’s the only one i’ve ever filled all the way to the last page and it’s trash but he’s a nice journal anyway.
– my friend made me a little box once. it hangs above my bed and it’s amazing.

6) what are your proudest blogging moments?
first post, if that counts? that’s always scary.

7) what are your hobbies outside of blogging?
music! i play piano and ukulele very mediocre-ly. i’m learning guitar as well (very slowly). i love to write too, but most of it i don’t post on here because it’s so awful. and i love to read as well, though i don’t have much time. i like to draw too, mostly band-related stuff and collages.

8) describe your personality in three words.
i’m still working on this, but right now maybe: trying my best.

9) what are your top three pet peeves?
1) people who treat me like a baby.
2) people who comment that someone’s food is “weird” or saying, “what is that?”.
3) people who ask obviously embarrassed/disappointed kids what score they received on an test.

if i nominate you and you don’t want to do this, feel free not to! i won’t be offended or anything like that. :))
i nominate…
– anyone who wants to do this.
– (i’m sorry i kinda broke the rules here at the end – i don’t know many people)


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